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“Professor Jeff Jarvis looks at new media issues in the context of current events”

‘BuzzMachine’  is a  highly written blog with the occasional embedded video, unlike the blogs we have been instructed in construct  Jarvis has used very little multimedia. Looking at, and trying to read his blog I understand the need for multimedia, while his opinions are interesting the block of text post after post is far from engaging.

The range of issues discussed is diverse yet predominatly concern the internet; twitter, Murdoch’s plan to charge for online content,  google, Aspen Institute FOCAS event, podcasting.
















Titles of posts include; Wave and news, Internet bigotry – again, The Nielsen revolt , geoTwitter and news and more, Sustaining journalism

A notable feature of ‘BuzzMachine’ is the sporadic personal posts. This isn’t unusual for blogs in amongst opinions and rants aspects of the bloggers life tends to drift in. However for a blog discussing new media to come across ‘the small c and me’ posted on August 10 made me stop and take notice.

“I have cancer, prostate cancer…Why am I even telling you about this? As I wrote in What Would Google Do?, I gained tremendous benefit sharing another ailment – heart arrhythmia – here on my blog” – Jeff Jarvis


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